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The Magus Senate of Dalaran[]

"Our history begins long before the founding of our great city. Long ago humanity was not but a mere collection of loose knitted tribes that teetered on the brink of extinction. Their numbers were winnowed by an ever-increasing struggle simply to gather what was needed for survival; for millennia they simply persevered, wandering ever further afield in search of food and refuge..."

Magus Senate of Dalaran, also known as the Kirin Tor, was founded on December 20th 2012. Today we continue on that proud legacy. At our core, the Magus Senate is a political role-playing guild that directly serves the Council of Six as the government of the Magocracy of Dalaran.

As one of the oldest guilds on Moon Guard, our lore has been expanded upon by many of our members, the events we host, and the events we partake in with our community and our allies. The Magus Senate of Dalaran utilizes a great deal of fanon in its role-play to better develop stories for our guild and its members by expanding upon what official lore is available. While we do not expect anyone outside of our guild to acknowledge these stories, members of the guild are generally expected to try to incorporate our lore into their characters' histories and stories.

Additionally, the Senate is known for hosting lore and story driven campaigns and events, both for our own members, as well as the community as a whole. Such projects include our many Magical Symposiums, the Arcane Union, and several renowned campaigns.

In order to achieve the Kirin Tor's mission, the Magus Senate of Dalaran is made up of several sub-organizations, or Ministries, that encompass the major role-playing themes found within the Moon Guard community. These Ministries include the Chancellery, Academics, Defense, State Security, and Foreign Affairs. For more detail regarding Ministries and their departments and divisions, see the Ministries page on our website.

Whether you roleplay an alchemist, battlemage, diplomat, engineer, guard, scholar, spy, or a student, our ministries are tailored to provide you a creative outlet where you can find a welcoming and engaging community to utilize your character's talents to their greatest potential.

The 3 R's: Rules, Requirements, and Recommendations[]

As an independent organization, The Magus Senate of Dalaran is open to recruiting membership from a wide variety of races and specializations across Azeroth provided they swear (or have sworn) allegiance to the Kirin Tor and possess rational nexus between your character’s RP/backstory and our organization. Despite this, however, there are some restrictions:

The following guild rules are the basic expectations we hold for members of the guild. These rules are subject to change. By joining the Magus Senate of Dalaran, you agree to all of the following documents and the rules herein. Click here: Rules of the Magus Senate of Dalaran

  • The following magics are strictly forbidden in-character without prior approval from officers, provided there is an extraordinary circumstance: Fel, Necromancy, Shadow/Void, Blood, and Drust. For more detail, see the Forbidden Magics Act in the Laws of Dalaran.
  • Demon Hunters (IC or OOC) may not join the Magus Senate.
  • Dragons may not join the Magus Senate.
  • IC Warlocks may not join the Magus Senate, however, Warlocks may OOCly join the Magus Senate if they are IC proxies for mage, or something similar.
  • IC Death Knights (and other necrotic-based classes, such as San’layn) may not join the Magus Senate, however, Death Knights may OOCly join the Magus Senate if they are IC proxies for mage, or something similar.
    • If for some reason there is an event that utilizes in-game combat mechanics, spells utilized must be non-Fel or Necromantic in nature: ie fire spells for Warlocks, and frost spells for Death Knights. Any character development, 'retcons', or deaths & resurrections that result in the development of the character becoming an IC Warlock or Deathknight will result in the character's immediate termination of affiliation. These classes may not wear "Warlock/Necromancer style" transmog sets and must have 'living/healthy' physical appearances (no decay, etc).
  • Due to canonical lore, Void Elves (Ren‘dorei) cannot join the Kirin Tor, however they may join the guild if they are role-played as High/Blood Elves (Quel/Sin’dorei), and have the appropriate skin tones and hair options for their respective race.
  • Our weekly (Guild) Senate Meeting occurs Sunday at 7:00 p.m. server time, and Ministry events occurring/typically starting between 7:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m throughout the week. Please make sure you can attend the Sunday Senate Meetings, at a minimum, before applying.
  • Horde characters are allowed to join as Kirin Tor members.

Required addons:

Recommended addons:

Recommended addon manager:

We encourage both new and veteran roleplayers to brush up on the lore of the Magocracy of Dalaran and the Kirin Tor.

Kirin Tor Membership[]

Are you a Kirin Tor roleplayer and want to immerse yourself in more sweet violet RP? If so, consider joining the Magus Senate of Dalaran as a non-guild member. You don’t have to leave your current guild, and you’ll be invited to our discord to participate in our community. However, there are some differences from full-guild membership.

Things you CAN do:

  • Go to events, have access to IC RP channels, and participate in MSOD’s RP.
  • Join and participate in the Ministries of Academics, Defense, and State Security.
  • Be hired into various IC positions.
  • Propose legislation and participate in Senate meetings, including everything that comes with that political roleplay.
  • Magic.

Things you will (sadly) be unable to do:

  • Vote in Senate meetings. This is reserved for full-members of MSOD, and while non-guild members are welcome to participate and propose legislation, they cannot vote.
  • Participate in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. We need to oversee who can represent us to other groups, and so MoFA members need to be guild members.
  • Rank up: All non-guild members are simply members of the Kirin Tor. We need to reserve some stuff for the guild itself, and that includes ranking up. However, this does NOT apply to academic ranks, such as Undermage and Archmage.

That said, you will be considered a full member of the Senate if you join the guild on a proxy character. To do so, just apply normally via

Second, we are also opening up membership to Horde characters. Horde Kirin Tor RP’ers can choose to either become Kirin Tor members OR join the guild on a proxy character.

Some other terms:

  • Joining us as a Kirin Tor member opts you into the Laws of Dalaran. If you’re in discord with the tag, you’re subject to the Laws. We’re not exactly a “server project,” but a smaller community of Kirin Tor RP’ers who want to operate under the same umbrella.
  • There is a screening process to maintain quality control. While the application is not as extensive as for joining the guild itself, there will be an IC interview. However, this can be waived if we know you already or someone we know can vouch for you.

Application is at

Ranks and Proficiencies[]

"An immigrant to the city, Ardogan later witnessed Dalaran’s rapid expansion of population, wealth, and culture as it was transformed from a frontier settlement to a proper city of its own right..."

Most members of the Magus Senate of Dalaran are senators. Regardless of their affinity or proficiency for Arcane Magic, these members make up the bulk of the senate as full voting members who may also submit legislation. Senators are entitled to certain benefits. For more detail, see the Ranks section on our Website.

Furthermore, the Magocracy of Dalaran operates with a strict appreciation regarding the practice of magic and the classification of those who endow themselves within the mystical arts as the renowned pinnacle of magical might and chief center of learning for magicians throughout Azeroth. And just as a craft guild or trade union may rank its members in terms of their respective proficiency and tenure of service (apprentice, journeyman, and master), so too does the Kirin Tor. Below is the revised system of the ‘Apprentice Modelship’ as applicable to the Kirin Tor’s titles of prestige and their associated honorifics based solely upon the proficiency of one’s practition of Arcane magic. These ranks include Archmage, Undermage, Mage, Apprentice, and Novice.

All Archmagi and Undermagi, regardless of their prior affiliation, applying for office or position within the <Magus Senate of Dalaran> guild shall have their title and proficiency reviewed by the Minister of Academics. The Minister will forward their recommendation to the Cabinet for action. Until such a review and subsequent action is taken by the Cabinet, the member shall be classified as an Magus. Should the Minister of Academics find either title of prestige (Archmage or Undermagus) unfitting for the candidate, the Minister shall recommend the appropriate title (Magus, Apprentice, Novice) for consideration to the Cabinet and the player. For more detail, see the Vice-Chancellors Memorandum.

Submitting an Application[]

Main Faction Postboxes.png

When you apply to join the Senate, it will be assumed that your character literally received, filled out, and mailed in an application. For story, these applications can be found in the city of Dalaran proper, our outlying territories such as Amberledge or Ambermill, or our embassy in Stormwind City. Our application has an in-character section that is treated as such. Please provide as much detail as possible as applicable to your character - we really want to get to know you.

1. Fill out an application.[]

Please take your time when filling out the application.

We pay attention to detail, as should you.

Click here for examples of rejected applications.

Click here for examples of approved applications.

2. Wait for your application to be reviewed.[]

Once you've submitted an application, it will be reviewed promptly within three days. If anything needs clarifying or critiquing during this time, an officer will inform you on your application.

3. If approved, schedule an interview.[]

If your application is approved, you will then receive a friends request and a private message from an officer in Discord.

Officers of the Magus Senate of Dalaran:
Chancellor Salazar Demes (Armory)
Vice-Chancellor Aetyleus Ardalan (Armory)
Minister Cylus Baultery, Academics (Armory)
Minister Candun Greysong, Defense (Armory)
Minister Elberich Haltring, State Security (Armory)
Minister Zanbor Emerson, Foreign Affairs (Armory)
Minister Vorien Dawnstrider, without portfolio (Armory)